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New Mark II Tecnam Classic Models

Tecnam has recently announced the start of manufacturing its Mark II versions of the very popular P92 Echo and P2002 Serria now with IFR.

Tecnam P92 Echo Mark 

Turning back the clock, Tecnam has revived the very popular P92 Echo with modern technology including carbon fibre fuselage, optional glass screens, and more cabin room. LSA aircraft are available with various options.

Tecnam P2002JF Mark II Serria

The Serria is available as a UL, LSA, JF (certified aircraft) and soon to be available as a CS/FAR/23 fully compliant IFR aircraft. 

P2010 Mark II – Jet A1 – Diesel Engine Option

Tecnam P2010 Mark II – Jet A1 – Diesel Option

In addition, Tecnam has started production of the popular P2010 Mark II, now fitted with a Continental CD Jet A1 – Diesel Engine Option.

For more information and specifications on the models mentioned above, and any other Tecnam model, please visit www.flytecnam.nz


Stop-over in Omarama

During early June, we took a day out to go flying, we stopped in at Omamaru for a hot cup of soup and as we walked towards the café we spotted this frozen display featured below!